About me

My name is NOT Yan Baskets, this is because people who know me, don’t know me.

The first half of my existence was spent terrified at school, and later screaming on the inside in various factory jobs, as I let a silent illness dictate the direction of my life.  I decided to fight it head-on, although the only other option was to rot in a heap on the floor.

I have been diagnosed with chronic OCD, which means I am crippled by Intrusive thoughts (Obsessions/spikes) that lead to severe repetitive behaviour (compulsions).

It is hard to describe the extent of how this can ruin a person’s life. Just know that it can.

This blog is not a lesson in Psychology, so I’m not going to explain the particulars of the disorder.  Type chronic OCD into a search engine and it’s all there.

I will say that I suffer significantly more from the O than the C, and my compulsions are usually, but not always, mental repetitions rather than physical acts (I will repeat a thought in great detail until it feels ‘Right,’ more so than wash my hands a hundred times before I leave the bathroom.) Some people call my particular illness ‘Pure O’, but believe me, the Compulsions, both Mental and physical, still have a huge influence over everything that I have done and what I will ever do.

Not only did my OCD ruin my education and set fire to any chance of an early career, but it has caused me to miss countless opportunities and experiences in all other aspects of life.  One bitter, self-reflecting day, a long time after running off to Scotland (another story) and a decade or two after my Nan had bought me my beloved first atlas, I decided to leave my job, pack my bags and introduce myself to the world.

This blog is about what happened.

(I’ve just caught up with the 21st century! Follow me on twitter @YanBaskets)

Fighting OCD every day.  Shuffling, hesitating, ruminating around the world.  As the crow flies…


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